Are you tired of trying to eliminate the same problem?

Discover. Release. Elevate.

“I was struggling to release a toxic relationship and it was easy during my session with Occam. It’s been two months and I’ve completely released the pain AND the relationship!” ~ Jes Divine




"I feel more comfortable in some of my relationships and I feel i now accept, forgive and love myself which is priceless. I am forever grateful and look forward to see where this will take me going forward! I highly recommend Occam to everyone."

Strong & Positive

"I came to Occam so overwhelmed by pain that I didn’t want to live. In our first session together I felt seen, respected and held in a way I never have before even after many years of working with healers and therapists. 

I’m now feeling strong and positive about life, heading down a completely new path, and I feel so excited to have Occam’s support along the way."

Unlocked Abundance

"Since working with Occam, I've been able to step into my grace and ease. Unexpected money has been coming to me and I'm listening to the gentle pull of my heart. My business is growing because I'm better able to show up as ALL OF ME! I'm so grateful and excited for my new phase of life!"

The CARES Framework

Trauma Transmutation and Soul Integration (TTSI) + Tune-up combo is the deep dive into trauma release. 
  • CONNECT to your soul team to source energy and use it to CHARGE the energy field.
  • ACCESS and ASSESS any leaks, blocks, or attachments and learn precisely where the problem started and the path it has made in your life.
  • REPROGRAM your beliefs and RECLAIM the power so you can transform what used to hold you back into something that can lift you.
  • ELIMINATE the toxic baggage, residual wastes, umbilical, and entities from the energy field and ENLIGHTEN the physical body.
  • STRENGTHEN your SHIELD by recharging the energy fields and physical body with Universal Consciousness, pure white light, and unconditional love.


I only preach what I practice, becoming a product of your past instead of a victim.

I am a survivor of sexual and physical abuse as a child and drug and alcohol abuse as a teenager, leading me to suicidal attempts, homelessness, and depression as a young adult.

I am not a magician; I am a facilitator.

You must be willing to do your work and receive input from your spirit; you can experience balance, harmony, and cohesion in your energy field that may be beyond anything you've experienced.


If resources are a challenge, you may prefer the Soul Crew Community.

"I’d already done a lot of transformative work over the last year. After I’d failed to launch my business, I was struggling with "What's Next?" syndrome...

After a single session with Occam, I've been able to land several new clients, dial in my work, and step more confidently into my role as CEO and visionary." 


"Occam is a kind, patient, and highly effective healer. During our session, he energized and balanced my chakras, cut toxic cords, and helped me to heal from past-life trauma that I had been carrying. It was a life-changing moment that I will always cherish!"