I never thought I would be who I am today. You are so much more than your experiences. 


I am a certified Level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui tradition.

On my 33rd Birthday, I decided to partake in an ayahuasca ceremony and was catapulted into my healing journey. 

I then spent the next 6 years in Dream School, where I was divinely guided to develop my new method Trauma Transmutation and Soul Integration (TTSI).

But... Life wasn't always easy.


Recovering from multiple addictions was hard. As a child, I lived through sexual and physical abuse that left me scarred with trauma.

By age 20, I was homeless on a rooftop, high on meth and eating food out of a trash can, trying to stay warm next to the vent of a restaurant during the middle of a snowstorm.

I seriously considered committing suicide that night.

After 20+ years of sobriety and healing, my life is better than I ever imagined. 


Now, I help fellow survivors of sexual and physical abuse and those addicted to drugs or alcohol to identify, neutralize, and transmute their unresolved trauma.

I love helping others discover their unique gifts, build, and enjoy their full life potential beyond the trauma. I do this by reprogramming the subconscious and limiting belief systems that lead to substance abuse, disease, and depression.

I wish everyone the peace and compassion that I now feel every day.